Prince Of Toys And Food

Children's Book: Prince Of Toys And Food

Learning To Appreciate The Things We Own In Life

• Frustrated when your children get bored very easily with new toys and then ask for new ones?

• Wouldn't it be great if we could teach them to make the best out of the things they already have?

This story can help you just with that. while using the surprising analogy of food.

 * Suitable for ages 4-10


This inspiring book tells the story of a young boy named George who is never satisfied with the toys he has. One day, he falls into a peaceful slumber and has a dream in which he wakes up as a prince in a wonderful kingdom far away from home.

George receives an invitation to a great banquet which will be attended by many young princes and princesses - where he has a spectacular time. However, while at the banquet, George notices something rather peculiar; another prince who tapes food onto himself...

Join George on his journey of self-discovery as he learns to appreciate the little things in life.

  • Will George remember this strange dream when he wakes up?
  • Why does the prince tape food on himself in the dream?
  • Is there any connection between the food and the toys?

Nowadays, we find that one of the most difficult places to combat excessive consumerism is with today’s kids. In the marketing industry today, advertisers spend millions of dollars and employ highly trained teams of child psychologists who convince our children to constantly desire more.

Some youth advertisers actually call parents “gatekeepers” whom they must circumvent to reach the kids. Of course we’re gatekeepers! We’re parents! It’s our job to protect, nurture, and help our children grow into healthy, confident, and caring adults. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this, even in our material-oriented culture.

The lesson of this book is best expressed in this inspirational quote by George Carlin :"Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body."

Children's Book: Prince Of Toys And Food Open Book


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What other people say

Ricquelle Landis

Amazon Reviewer

Like little George, I have children in my own extended family that own every toy “under the sun” and quickly become bored. I think this will be the perfect way to illustrate a lesson that doesn’t come across as a lecture.

Cheri Clay

Circleville, OH

Let’s be honest, many children of today have severe cases of the gimmies. They are never satisfied with what they have. Sadly, this is a lesson that is learned by many adults too. However, Marcus has written an exceptional story of how we can teach children to appreciate what they have instead of asking for more.