The Juice Of Life

Children's Book: The Juice Of  Life

Raise Your Child To Be Grateful

• Frustrated when your children spend more time choosing "the best-looking" toy than they do actually playing with it?

Hardly surprising though, since more is being marketed to children at younger ages than ever before.
So how do we teach them to focus less on materialistic things and more on the important things in life such as HealthFamily, and Friendship?

The inspiring example in this story will help us to do just that.

 * Suitable for ages 4-10


This inspiring fable tells the story of The Juice of Life, in which the Lion arranges an exciting meeting for all the animals. At this meeting, he presents them with a very interesting life lesson.

  • Why did the Lion arrange the meeting?
  • Does the juice of life taste as good as it smells?
  • What is the Lion planning to say?
  • Will the Lion’s message change the lives of the animals?

One of the toughest places to combat excessive consumerism is with today’s children. Advertisers spend millions of dollars and employ teams of child psychologists to convince our children to constantly want and collect more stuff.

Some youth advertisers actually call parents “gatekeepers”, whom they must circumvent to reach the kids. Of course we’re gatekeepers! We’re parents! It’s our job to protect and nurture, to help our children grow into healthy, confident, and caring adults. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this, even in our materialistic culture. One important way is through education.

The lesson of this book is best expressed in this inspirational quote by Lionel Shriver :"A lot of people get so hung up on what they can't have that they don't think for a second about whether they really want it."

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"By concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the juice it holds"


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It's not only an ordinary bedtime story but it is a story that teaches lesson to children and adults alike.