A Grand Bed Adventure

Children's Book: A Grand Bed Adventure

Help Your Children Create New Habits

• Have you ever struggled to help your child establish a new, positive habit?

• Wouldn't it help if we could use a creative example to show them the benefits of these habits?

In this story, Grandpa shows Ted how making his bed can lead to a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that can set all of us on a path of success in all our endeavors.

"If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed"

 * Suitable for ages 4-10


Monday nights are when Ted goes to visit his grandpa. On this particular Monday, the two play games before Ted starts to fall asleep. When Ted sees Grandpa making his bed SO meticulously the following morning, Ted wants to know why.

  • Imagine his surprise when he learns that his grandpa used to be a Navy Seal!
  • And then asks: “But, Grandpa, if you were busy doing so many important and brave things, why did you have to make your bed?”

The simple act of making one’s bed just might be the world’s easiest routine towards success. Not because it automatically brings fortune and fame, but primarily because it starts a chain reaction of other productive habits.

Good habits always begin at home and they go a long way in establishing a child’s character. Since childhood is the very best time to practice and develop a foundation of positive routines, it is my pleasure to introduce this book that is specifically aimed towards young people who are in their formative years.

Children's Book: A Grand Bed Adventure Open Book


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What other people say

Rachel Horon

Indiana USA

My daughter liked the connection that Ted had with his grandfather, especially since she just spent the day playing games with her grandmother. Grandparents are often the teachers of wisdom that children need in their life, but A.M. Marcus knows how to make this wisdom accessible when grandparents are not around.

Cheri Clay

Amazon Reviewer

Marcus is a wonderful storyteller that has a magical way of teaching young children unforgettable values that will last a lifetime. 
I found this to be a captivating, charming, delightful, timely, teaching book that children will greatly enjoy. Highly recommend not only in order to teach children the value of chores and commitments, but also for entertaining fun.