Gorilla's Wisdom

Children's Book: Gorilla's Wisdom

The Meaning Of True Friendship

• Imagine how wonderful it would be to show our children what it really means to be there for your friends and family?

• Wouldn't it be great to share a story that demonstrates not only the fun part of friendships, but also how to get through the tough times that require DeterminationWork, and a lot of Patience.

Let's share this story with them and remind ourselves as well what it really means to be a true friend.

 * Suitable for ages 4-10


Monkey and Rabbit are the jungle’s unlikely best friends, and they are inseparable. But after an accident, Rabbit becomes distant from Monkey. But Monkey isn’t going to let this friendship go. He seeks Gorilla, the wisest animal in the jungle, to give him advice.

Gorilla’s advice, however, isn’t what Monkey expected. Gorilla can make Monkey a potion for Rabbit, but he needs the whisker of Tiger, the most feared animal in the jungle, as an ingredient.

  • Can Monkey get the whisker from Tiger?
  • Will Gorilla’s potion work? Why does it need Tiger’s whisker?
  • Can Monkey save his friendship with Rabbit?

Gorilla’s Wisdom is an exciting story that will teach your child how valuable friendship is. As Monkey conquers his fears to save his friendship with Rabbit, your child can learn to do the same. It also teaches children about the wisdom of elders, and teaches them to face their fears.

One lesson which you will walk away with after reading this book is best expressed in this inspirational by Arnold H. Glasgow’s, “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.”

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What other people say

Cheri Clay

Amazon Reviewer

While I’ve enjoyed all of the books in the A. M. Marcus collection, “Gorilla’s Wisdom” is by far one of my favorites. It is timeless, Biblical based, full of wisdom containing more than one moral to the story - beautiful, carefree and awe-inspiring tale that children and adults will enjoy over and over again.

Brain Spero

A Father

This book is fantastic for explaining to your child about a traumatic event. It explains how someone can change the way they see the world after they go through an event, and how that person can coupe with the event. I think the book is very well written in conveying this complicated issue to a young developing mind.