How I started writing Children's Books?

What else have I been up to...

A. M Marcus

If we met at a party and you asked me what I do - I would tell you that I’m an Artist-Engineer. Nope, not an artistic engineer. I’m Assaf Marcus, an Artist‑⁠Engineer.

If I were to share a message with the world in 2 words it would be: 

But what does that mean? It means start, begin. Maybe even start all over again. 
Start what? Start the process, the journey...
What journey? The journey of creating the life that you want, of giving life to Your Dreams,
Not sure what they are? Then start the journey of getting to know yourself, knowing who you really are, and what you are here to do.

Know Yourself So You Can Be Yourself!

How do you do that? Taste new things, take action, do, explore what you love to do, discover, challenge yourself, push yourself beyond your comfort zone and tap into Your Magic Zone

And then what?


Take action, keep on doing, keep on going, follow through. But what do I do when I don’t feel like it?
When you don’t feel like it, remind yourself of your Priorities. Remind yourself of what’s really important to you so you can

Be True To Yourself

And you stay true to yourself by deciding to choose over and over again what you want the MOST over what you may want right NOW - which for me, is the definition of Self Discipline.

And then what? Then, start again. Day one. Treat everyday as day one, a new beginning, a second chance to start again,better, stronger, wiser.

More About Me

As long as I can remember, I always found myself explaining concepts to others, whether it was a course I was conducting in the army, teaching computer science in middle school, mentoring university students, working as an engineer or even teaching salsa dancing. I just love using analogies and breaking things down in a way everyone can understand.

As a computer engineering graduate, I loved the challenges of analysing complex ideas, building powerful systems and overcoming the obstacles along the way. I was genuinely curious about how computers worked, but I was even more excited about being pushed out of my comfort zone, testing my limits and mastering the skill of learning.

So why aren’t I working as a computer engineer? Well… I was, for around 4 years. I got the salary, the car, and all the benefits. Some of my closest friends didn’t understand why I wanted to quit such a lucrative job but for me...

Life's just too short to go home every day, feeling like you've worked, but you haven't really accomplished anything meaningful, isn't it?

So, I quit my job and continued the journey, the journey within, figuring out what I really want to do in life. A big part of this journey was:

    • Asking myself the same empowering questions every morning

    • Writing the answers in my journal

    • Revisiting and evaluating my priorities daily

    • Expanding my collection of quotes
    (I even created an App! - I might send you the app if you ask nicely 😉)

    • Regular Goal setting

    • Practicing gratitude

    • Expanding my morning routine

    I had more time to do the things that I love like performing salsa, creating new choreographies, working with children and continuing to develop my communication skills - I even became a licensed practitioner of NLP.

    Deeper into this journey of self-reflection, I realized the powerful connection between my biggest passions and strengths:

      • My passion for inspirational quotes and life lessons

      • My ability to simplify things and break them down

      • My innate connection with young people.

      This powerful realization was one of the things that led me to decide to become a children’s author!

      So what do I do with the books? How does it all connect?

        I take a quote that holds a deep life lesson and engineer a story around it, while breaking down the lesson in a way anyone can understand, and you guessed it - also children!

        Join me in Celebrating our Differences by sharing these simple activities on self-esteem with the children in your life.

         * Suitable for ages 4-10

        "Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It's our differences that make us unique & beautiful."